About Our Company

ARCO GUNITE, INC. in Orange, California, offers you the highest quality construction using top-performance materials. We employ only the best ready-mix suppliers and crews.

Humble Beginnings

ARCO GUNITE, INC., started his operations using an automatic Reed Gun and a 600 cfm Ingersoll-Rand compressor mounted on a truck. We had the material delivered via a gunite mixing concrete truck. The gunite construction company was in its first year of business when we decided to begin construction on a more efficient rig.

Successful Design

The fundamental principle of the design was the configuration of components we believed would outperform the rigs used in the industry at that time.The result was a rig able to produce a gunite mixture of 2000# P.S.I. (the minimum pounds per square inch required in Southern California at the time) to more than 4500# P.S.I. and a pumping capacity of 28 tons per hour. The design proved to be so successful that we built a second rig in 1978 and a third in 1987, which is still in operation today.

Further Contributions

Our last design proved to be the most successful. 2006 was the beginning of a two year process in designing and building three mobile mixers and a new gunite rig which consisted of a numerous conveyor auger system working in tandem to mix and drive the material for 40 feet before dropping into the gunite hopper. This design consistently produced gunite mixtures of 4,500# to 7,000# P.S.I. This equipment was in operation from January 2008 to February 2013. In February 2013, ARCO GUNITE, INC. evolved its operations to shooting strictly wet process shotcrete to comply with California's complex environmental laws.

Members of the following Organizations:

  • ACI, American Concrete Institue
  • ASA, American Shotcrete Association
  • APSP, The Association Of Pool & Spa Professionals
  • ACPA, American Concrete Pumpers Association


• SPEC, California Pool and Spa Industry Education Council
• NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business
• California Chamber of Commerce 

In Memory Of

We continue our work in memory of our founder Dean Norton, a man of great ingenuity, integrity, character, and honesty. You built a solid foundation that we will continue to build upon. Your spirit and your vision will remain as our very focus in taking this company into the future.

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